Sunday, 10 December 2017


It would be reasonable to think that Jabba was not solely responsible for the Rangers* Statement, the one saying, “See that girl I stalked for weeks and then asked out? I only realised she was ugly after she said ‘no’.”

When you think about it, had Jabba fired the Statement off in a fit of pique without consulting senior Rangers* board members he might have risked being fired.  In fact, one wonders if Jabba actually helped tone it down, being a man who knows the (admittedly expansive) limits of credibility and shamelessness within his own swamp. 

In fact, that the Statement was met with almost universal incredulity in the normally Sevco-reliable Scottish sports media may suggest Jabba telling his boys not to give it much traction, perhaps intending this as a lesson to whoever it was at Rangers* who stepped on his toes by effectively doing his job for him. No one likes their bosses doing their job for them. Best it goes wrong and they learn the hard way to leave it to the experts in incredulity and shamelessness.   

Whether he did or didn’t tone it down, it is doubtful he could have created and released the statement under the Rangers* logo, and officially, without it being cleared at the very top. And yet, murmurings are that most senior Rangers* people are embarrassed by it. Now, who does that leave?

Certainly, the statement was glib and shameless. 

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